Fine Art Storage Services

Classic FA’s main facility is secured with a state-of-the-art surveillance system monitored 24/7. From short-term storage to long-term storage, we can accommodate any time frame and space required. There is no doubt… we have a storage option to meet your every need.

Each and every item that enters our facility for storage is fully reviewed, photographed for condition, packed for safe art storage and digitally entered into the client’s inventory. At any time, with just a few clicks, we can easily generate for you the most current inventory of the items safely stored under our roof.

And all of this for a truly “just” price. Classic is proud to have come up with what just may be the fairest storage billing system available. Our system bills at the end of the month and only bills for: actual volume of stock held for the exact amount of time it was stored during the month. Classic’s FLUX Technology allows us to pro-rate down to the very minute of the piece leaving our facility.

Art Storage & Project Management

Maybe the New York area is not exactly the location you are looking for? We have that covered too. Classic FA controls storage accounts for clients all over the world. Contact us today to see how we may be able to meet your storage needs.

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