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In need of one-stop-shopping design services for your next project? Look no further – Classic FA’s operations are perfectly set up to meet your needs. Whether we are collecting from a vendor or the items are shipped directly to our warehouse for receiving; all stock is reviewed, photographed for condition, packed and digitally entered into your inventory. Our design clients can easily track their orders by requesting an updated inventory report for each of the projects they are working on. Should you wish to provide sidemarks, noting the room or destination, we are able to add those digitally and print them on the exterior of the packed items… making placement on installation a breeze.

And once all of your products are received and the location is ready, our full white glove delivery service will allow you to place/install as needed – instructing and directing for each and every item. Contact us about your next project, and let us make it seamless for you and your firm.

gold colored modern chair
gold colored modern chair Mobile
vintage chairs
vintage chairs Mobile
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Luxury Living Room

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