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Domestic or International, Classic FA understands that shipping high value products is much more than getting objects from point A to point B. There is an art to providing the protective means to ensure everything arrives in the condition it is received – time after time, after time. We proudly service our clients for the entirety of your shipment – utilizing departments throughout our facility: office employees to receive the order/information; transport staff to collect; packing department for review/photography/ packing; crating department for inner cases and/or exterior freight crates, shipping department for the method/means of shipment. All specialties are in house and ensure the level of packaging matches the objects requirements as well as the method and service requested by the client. We have worked hard to hone our craft, and make no mistake, it shows in every shipment dispatched from our facility.

Classic FA is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), certified by C-TPAT and licensed for import/export by US Fish & Wildlife Service. Moreover, we are proud to have Classic FA International Services LLC, our licensed IAC office at JFK international airport, ready to book cargo destined around the world on a moments notice.

Quite simply, your shipment – and the private information involved with your shipment – is under Classic’s care, custody and control throughout its entire journey. Classic’s staff collects/packs & crates/books cargo with the airline and provides the government required screening & documents to be loaded on the aircraft. At every step, there are no middlemen. Your private & confidential information is safely within our privately owned firm!
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